Protective cover, seat (Excl. CN)

A practical protective cover for the front seat. Useful to have when you want to protect the normal car upholstery against dirt and liquids.

Table, rear centre armrest

A practical table for the rear seat passengers. Installed under the armrest in the rear seat and with a surface suitable for food and similar, as well as holders for different sized mugs.


Passenger compartment heater (Excl. GB)

A new passenger compartment heater of compact design, which is both easy to position and effective. The heater is only 35 mm wide and has automatic adjustment according to the ambient temperature. When correctly positioned in the car, heating and de-misting are extremely effective.

Mudflaps, front and rear

A mudflap that discreetly blends in with the car's design and provides effective protection for the sides against surface spray from the road.


Glasses holder

A very practical and functional glasses holder with a lid and rubber trim for optimum storage.

Cup holder, can be retracted into the dashboard (Excl. CN)

An attractive and practical cup holder for one mug/cup, easily accessible from the driver's seat. Folds out with a single press.

Cup holder (Excl. CN)

Cup holder with places for two mugs of different sizes.


A functional ashtray and cover. Very practical as it is easy to remove and insert, and the gentle lines inside the ashtray make it easy to clean.

Ashtray, rear tunnel

A functional ashtray that opens with a gentle press on the lid. An insert that is easy to remove for emptying and cleaning.

Coin holder

Practical storing of parking money. The coin unit is fitted in its cradle in front of the area under the front seat centre armrest where it is concealed but easy to reach. It is also detachable, which makes it very practical for taking to the parking meter.

Bag holder

A practical bag holder for fitting on the center console on the front passenger side. Holds the bag or a smaller carrier bag in place and makes it easily accessible from the front seats.