2017 L.H.D

Door mirror cover

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Op. No.: 84626

Unique door mirror covers to further enhance the powerful look of the car.

Rear view mirror covers with silvery surface finish, which give the car a sporty and exclusive character. Fitted as standard on "R-design".

Those who have equipped their car with black rims, can now enhance the aesthetic look by also equipping the car with black door mirror covers.

For more unique R-design products, see Accessory, R-design, general description, exterior.

Part. No.Description
3165950614-, Bright Silver Matt, Image 1Installation Instruction
3141476714-, Bright Silver Metallic, Image 2
3139936514-, Black, Image 3Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Door mirror covers with silvery finish are suitable for all variants and can be combined with all other factory-fitted options and accessories.

  • Black door mirror covers are recommended in combination with black rims.

Technical data




Bright Silver Metallic, Bright Silver Matt or Black


R-design Polestar_XC60_26, VCC_17952, VCC_26951

Last updated: 4/28/2022