2005 L.H.D



Volvo's pillow provides a comfortable support for the head, and is well suited for your car. It has pliable padding covered by an exclusive material. The pillow is designed to provide good comfort and with its stylish design fits well with the car's interior.




Mudflaps, front and rear

Mudflaps designed to fit the car's wheel arches, which are discreetly integrated into the car's styling, and which also effectively protect the sides of the car from wheel spray.

Sunshade (Excl. CN)

Fully covering sunshades that provide maximum protection for your passengers when the sun is bright and irritating. Not only do they effectively protect against heat and irritation from sunlight, they also give the car a stylish "look" similar to tinted windows.

乘客室加熱器 (不包括CN、GB、JP)

設計精巧的乘客室加熱器,具有定位簡便和有效加熱的特性。乘客室加熱器的寬度僅為 53 mm,可根據車外環境自動調節車內溫度。將其正確地置於車內即可達到絕佳的加熱和除霧功效。


Cup holder

Cupholder insert with space for two cups of different sizes, or an ashtray or coin holder can be fitted if required.