2016 L.H.D


Mat, luggage compartment, textile, reversible (Excl. CN)

A high quality, reversible protective mat. The mat is practical and waterproof with textile on one side on plastic on the other. The mat has an attractive design with scalloped edges.

Mat, luggage compartment, molded plastic (Excl. CN)

An attractive plastic protective mat that is adapted to fit the luggage compartment and is colour-coded to match the rest of the interior.

Net pocket, luggage compartment, side panel (Excl. CN)

An elastic net pocket for simple storage and retaining of small items, bottles and similar. The steel wire edging round the net pocket prevents small items from sliding out. The pocket is fastened in clips that are held in the panel with pop rivets.

Dirt cover, rear bumper

A practical cover for the rear bumper that prevents clothes from getting dirty and protects the bumper when loading and unloading.

Electrical socket, luggage compartment

An electrical socket in the luggage compartment enables you to connect a cooler/heater box, electrical tools etc.





Towbar, fixed (Excl. AU, BR, CL, PE)

In a unique design for the car, this towbar is a must for those who value safety and promised performance.

Towbar, detachable (Excl. AU, CL, PE, BR)

A towbar uniquely designed for the car. Easy to mount whenever needed. When not in use, it is simply removed and the only thing that is visible is the fully covering protective cover.

Towbar, wiring

The trailer module manages the electrical connection between the vehicle and trailer regarding:

Towbar, adapter

For temporary adaptation of the car's towbar wiring to suit another pin connection on the trailer.


Lock kit

A lock system that makes it easier for you when supplementing the load carrier with more accessories. You can manage up to six lockable accessories with the same key.


Aluminium bicycle holder with frame bracket

A frame mounted bicycle holder with modern dynamic design. For safe transportation and flexible attachment, your bike is secured automatically.

Bicycle holder, frame mounted (KR, MY, TW, US)

The perfect steel bicycle holder that is simple to use, practical and great value for money.

Bicycle holder foldable, towbar mounted, 2 bikes (Excl. JP, PT)

An extremely compact bicycle holder with patented design for two bicycles, and which is easy to handle and store. With a simple two-step system, the holder can be installed on the tow hitch within seconds; it folds out and is then ready to be used. It gives you the freedom to take your bicycle on both long and short journeys. When the bicycle holder is not in use, it is easy to store either in your car or in your home. The bicycle holder is tested and certified to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Bicycle holder, towbar mounted, 2 bicycles (Excl. JP, PT)

A safe and modern transport system for two bicycles, which is very practical and easy to use on cars with a towbar. Easily fitted on the towing hitch with a quick-coupling and is easy to load as the loading height is low.

Bicycle holder, towbar mounted, 3-4 bicycles (Excl. JP, PT)

The modern bicycle holder can transport three bikes, but can also be supplemented with an adapter to transport four bikes.


Ski holder, aluminium, sliding

A ski holder for anyone who wants the very best. There's no need to climb on the car and get dirty when loading and unloading. With a simple pull, the ski holder slides out to the side of the car, providing easier access to your skis.

Ski holder, aluminium

Volvo's aerodynamically designed aluminium ski holder is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards, even wider equipment with larger bindings.


Volvo Cars設計車頂行李箱 (不包括CA、EMEA)


車頂行李箱,Travel Premier 430 (不包括PR、US)


車頂行李箱,Travel Active 500 (不包括波多黎各)

這款Volvo Cars自行設計的車頂行李箱具有500公升容量,非常適合攜帶大量及大型行李的自駕旅程。廣大的裝載體積可容納較長的物體,例如滑雪板和滑雪橇,甚至有空間可容納軍旅背包和折疊椅。

車頂行李箱,Travel 400

Travel 400車頂行李箱是符合您所有需求的功能性車頂行李箱。這款由Volvo Cars自行設計的車頂行李箱有400公升的超大容量,對攜帶大量物品的自駕旅遊來說非常實用。寬敞的裝載體積可容納軍旅後背包和折疊椅等大型行李。

Roof box, "Space Design 420" and "Space Design 520"

Space Design is a modern, exclusive and aerodynamic roof box that offers minimal wind resistance thanks to its unique design.

Roof box, "Sport Time 2003"

Sport Time 2003 is a functional roof box for all your needs. It is characterised by a design with a sunken base so that it integrates with the shape of the car as far as possible.