2016 L.H.D


具即時交通資訊(RTTI)功能的Sensus Navigation

「Sensus Navigation」是一個導航系統,完全整合在車輛中。使用一張單獨的SIM卡,透過Volvo On Call,或透過手機藍牙,連接至網際網路,體驗更強大的導航功能。


配備高解析度數位儀錶,您可根據個人喜好調整汽車的儀錶配置和介面。此8"主動式TFT螢幕(Thin Film Transistor)可為汽車與駕駛員之間的互動提供一個嶄新的層次。

Mirror, rearview, autodimming with compass

The frameless interior rear-view mirror has a sleek and modern design that enhances and harmonises with the freshness of the interior.

Parking assistance, front

Parking assistance, front is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space in front of the car, for example with parallel parking.

Front wide-angle parking camera

"Front wide-angle parking camera" provides an expanded field of view of 45 ° to the left and the right. The image from the camera is displayed on the 7" large multimedia screen.

Parking assistance, camera, rear

Increases your field of vision behind the car when parking. A camera mounted in the tailgate now makes it possible for you to have "eyes in the back of your head" when parallel parking. The monitor displays what is behind the car.






DAB/DAB+數位收音機 (不包括AU、BR、CA、PR、US)


Rear Seat Entertainment

Multimedia system, RSE, two screens, with two players

The new generation of rear seat entertainment with new form and function.