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Decor panel, aluminum, (Interior Styling)

Decor panel, aluminum, (Interior Styling)
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Op. No.: 88131

An interior equipment kit in genuine aluminum inspired by antique navigational charts and maps. It has lines of longitude and latitude as well as dotted directional lines, specially designed with Mat kit, (Interior Styling).

The interior equipment kit is supplied in kits of four panels that replace the existing ones of the car.

Read more about the interior styling concept at Interior Styling, general description.

Interior equipment kit

Part. No.Description
1287478Aluminium Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Aluminum panels with a unique patter, inspired by old navigational charts and maps

  • Made of genuine aluminum: embossed, painted and printed

  • The kit contains all panels for doors, centre console and tunnel, four in total, which replace the existing ones in the car.

  • Easy to install

Technical data


Plastic carrier with aluminum plate




VCC_17899, vccpartners

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