2014 L.H.D



Volvo's pillow provides a comfortable support for the head, and is well suited for your car. It has pliable padding covered by an exclusive material. The pillow is designed to provide good comfort and with its stylish design fits well with the car's interior.

Neck pillow

Volvo's neck pillow provides comfortable support for the head thanks to its soft materials and high mouldability.


Sunshade film (CN)

The sunshade film gives the car an attractive and confident look, and helps to keep the passenger compartment cool in sunlight. This makes it more comfortable to travel in strong sunlight and it reduces UV rays, which protects you, your passengers and the car's interior.

Cord holder (Plug-in Hybrid)

A well-designed and stylish cord holder with multiple purposes. The holder relieves the wall socket and its lock function helps prevent a possible theft.

Pre-conditioning (Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine)

Pre-conditioning your Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine before departure makes your trip enjoyable from the start.

Remote start, pre-conditioning, car key (Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine)

On cold winter days when you do not want to go out to the car to start pre-conditioning, remote start is an essential accessory. It is equally useful to use remote start on hot summer days to prevent having to get into a baking hot car. Pre-conditioning is started by simply pressing a button on the car key.

Remote engine start (Excl. AT, CH, DE, FR, GB)

On cold winter days or hot summer days you can enjoy a comfortable temperature immediately at the start of your trip.


A splash guard that blends in well with the car's design. Effective protection to the sides of the car from wheel splash and also minimizes water spray on following traffic.


Glasses holder

A practical and functional glasses holder for the best possible storage of your glasses.


A functional ashtray and cover. Very practical as it is easy to insert and remove. The gentle lines of the ashtray's interior make it easy to clean.