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Sunshade film

Sunshade film

Workshop installation recommended

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The sunshade film gives the car an attractive and confident look, and helps to keep the passenger compartment cool in sunlight. This makes it more comfortable to travel in strong sunlight and it reduces UV rays, which protects you, your passengers and the car's interior.

The tinted effect on the windows also gives more privacy.

The sunshade film is verified according to Volvo's stringent requirements in order not to affect the electrical functions in the car, for example during mobile phone use, HomeLink® and remote locking/unlocking.

The sunshade film is available in three different levels of light transmission: 83%, 15% and 37%. Light transmission is the amount of sunlight that travels through the window. The lower the digit, the darker the tint.

Front windows (windscreen and side windows front doors)

Part. No.Description
31428886152 cm wide and with 83 % light transmissionInstallation Instruction

Rear windows (from B-pillar and back)

Part. No.Description
31428887152 cm wide and with 15 % light transmission.Installation Instruction
31415650152 cm wide and with 37% light transmission.

Facts and advantages

  • Reflects solar energy.

  • Reduces UV radiation.

  • Gives an elegant and sporty look.

  • Supplied on rolls.

Technical data


Polyester (PET)

Length of rolls:

30 m




Recommended to be performed by trained personnel and in an approved location for this type of work.


It is recommended that the tools specified in the instructions are used.

Last updated: 1/23/2021