2016 L.H.D


Accessory, R-design, general description, interior

Distinctly stylish with a dynamic impression, for individuals with a taste for performance.

Textile passenger compartment mats - R-design

A sporty R-design textile mat with rubber reverse, which makes it waterproof. The mat protects the interior of the car against dirt and water.

Textile passenger compartment mats

A fully covering floor mat of textile with rubber backing, which makes it waterproof. The mat gives effective protection for the car's interior against the wet and dirt.

Leather steering wheel

A three-spoked leather steering wheel with sporty design. The steering wheel has an anatomically shaped rim, with pronounced thumb supports and dynamic grip, as well as exclusive and comfy leather for optimum comfort. The steering wheel has a leather covered design and a decor panel in "Silk Metal".

Gear shift knob in leather

Shift lever knobs for manual and automatic transmissions. The knobs are in total harmony with the rest of the interior, generating an exclusive, luxurious finish to the passenger compartment.

Sports pedals

A bold and essential choice to create a sporty and exclusive interior.

Sill mouldings - front

A design and protection element that gives protection when entering and exiting the car and that makes the sill area more interesting.