Load carrier

Load carrier
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Op. No.: 89142-2

A specially designed transport system for loads on the roof. The load carriers are two swept aluminium profiles and feet with full-coverage black plastic casings.

The feet fit in the car's prepared mounts. The load carriers are easy to install and are securely installed to the car. The load carriers have T-grooves for installing accessories.

The aerodynamically shaped wing profile has been optimised to give minimal wind resistance and wind noise, which makes the car journey more comfortable.

Part. No.Description

Recommended accessories:

Lock kit can be installed and allows use of the same key for the load carrier and roof load accessory.

Facts and advantages

  • Attractive Volvo design.

  • Aerodynamic wing profile with T-track.

  • Assembly kit containing two load carriers with mountings.

  • Includes torque wrenches with tightening torques.

  • All load carrier accessories fit:

    - Ski carrier/Snowboard carrier

    - Bicycle holder

    - Roof box

    - Canoe/kayak holder

  • Some load carrier accessories must be adapted to fit the T-track.

  • Volvo marked.

  • Thoroughly tested in both the laboratory also on the test track.

  • "City Crash" tested.1

Technical data


Aluminium with protective cover in TPE


Black with aluminium profile

Accessory weight:

5.4 kg (12 lbs)

Load width:

940 mm

Max. load capacity:

100 kg (220 lbs)




With load carriers the height of the car is increased to 1482 mm.


Taking the load carriers off when not in use saves both fuel and the environment. You also reduce the noise level in the passenger compartment and the risk of discolouration on the roof.

  1. City Crash test according to ISO 11154-5 / DIN 75302: 2006-05 simulates a collision in a city environment with a maximum 100 kg roof load.
Last updated: 3/15/2021