2003 L.H.D


Headlight guard, fog lights

A transparent, fully covering cover for your fog lights that protects them from stone chips and other items that might otherwise crack the lens.

Auxiliary lights

Spot lights give a better and longer light pattern when driving in dark and twilight. This increases safety in the form of improved vision and forewarning of obstruction and possible dangers.

Light kit

A bulb kit with the most common "see and be seen" bulbs.

Snow chain "Centrax"

A snow chain specially developed for several tyre dimensions. This type of snow chain has the advantage of not being fitted on the inside of the tyre and so does not take up the space required by larger tyres.

Snow chains, standard (Excl. S60 R, V70 R)

The chain is supplied in pairs in recyclable packaging. Includes spare links, hooks and easy to follow laminated installation instruction booklet.

Warning triangle

ECE approved warning triangle. Takes up little room when folded and is very easy to set up and fold away.


Table for placement of a child in the car


Child seat, mirror

A practical mirror that provides the driver the opportunity to watch over the child when the child seat is located in the rear seat.

Child seat, padded upholstery

Padded upholstery and head restraint that enable the child to have a comfortable and safe journey while keeping the car's original upholstery clean.

Child seat, storage bag

The multifunctional activity bag is specially designed for children and has a number of practical uses. In the car, it can be mounted via a strap on the back of the front seast and be used to store toys and other small items. When opened, it can also be used as a play table during travel. In addition, the strap makes it possible to use the bag as a backpack outside of the car.


Alarm, general description (Excl. IL)

Volvo Guard Alarm System is an advanced, remote controlled alarm system specially developed for S80, S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R, XC70.

Alarm (Excl. IL)

A complete alarm system for your S80.

Lockable wheel bolt kit / Wheel bolt kit, chrome

Lockable wheel studs are effective to reduce the risk of your expensive aluminum rims being stolen.

Jumper cables

If the battery in the car has been discharged then it is possible to "borrow" current from either a separate battery or a battery from another car. Always check that the clamps on the jumper cables are secured firmly so that sparks are not generated.

Anti-theft protection storage compartment

A practical lockable box under the center armrest, designed for temporary storage of valuables. Perfect for when such valuables cannot be carried, e.g. on the beach or when jogging.