2013 L.H.D

Exterior Styling, general description

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To personalize your car further and make it even more exclusive, Volvo has developed a design that exudes a dynamic "cross over" look. With these unique styling accessories installed, a personal and expressive design is achieved that everybody will notice.

All parts are thoroughly tested and optimised for weight so as not to negatively affect any of the car's characteristics. The parts are painted in a matt aluminium finish.

The following accessories are part of Exterior Styling:

1. Decor frame

A styling element that makes the front more stylish. Available for cars with and without parking assistance, front, see Front decor frame.

2. Skid plate, front bumper

A further styling element for the front to achieve a comprehensive design. A decorative protection panel of an expressive design, see Front skid plate.

3. Side Scuff Plates

To balance the front's dynamic "cross over" attitude look, we have developed this design element for the car's sides, see Side scuff plate.

4. Skid plate, rear bumper

A decor protection panel for the rear that, together with End pipes, complete the look. Both for cars with one or two visible exhaust pipes, see Rear skid plate.

5. End pipes

Rectangular end pipes in polished stainless steel that, together with Skid plate, rear bumper, gives the rear the right attitude, see Rectangular end pipes.

The following cars have double end pipes:

  • 3.0 Petrol 6-cyl Turbo

  • 2.5 Petrol, 5-cyl

  • 2.4 Diesel 5-cyl

  • 2.0 Petrol, 4-cyl

  • 1.6 Petrol, 4-cyl

Other cars have single end pipes.

6. Aluminium rim "Freja" 18"

A dynamic and exclusive rim, available in three "diamond cut" versions; black, trendy matt dark grey or exclusive polished light grey, see Aluminium rim "Freja" 8 x 18".

Last updated: 4/28/2022