2015 L.H.D

Interior Styling Concept

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A styling element that consists of a number of exclusive and sporty accessories. Sport steering wheel, Gear shift knobs and Sport pedals are fitted as standard in R-design models. The design matches the exterior accessories and further enhances the car's luxurious and dynamic interior.

  • The steering wheel has a solid rim which is covered with perforated and extra soft leather for a great driving experience. The unique seams harmonise perfectly with the design of the gear shift knob. An aluminium inlay, featuring the R-design emblem, enhances the lower part of the steering wheel. The car's regular airbag and keypads are transferred to the new steering wheel.

  • The gear shift knobs, covered with unique leather and with unique seams, reflect our ambition with these interior accessories; exclusive sports!

  • The sport pedals, which replace the ordinary pedals, give the interior an added sense of uncompromisingness with regard to exclusive material choice and unique design. Manufactured of brushed aluminium and with rubber placed in selected areas to always ensure the right friction between pedal and shoe.

  • Two different complete kits with exclusive sill moldings; one kit with illuminated front moldings and non-illuminated rear molding, and one kit with non-illuminated surrounding moldings. Both are made of brushed aluminium and have a fantastic finish. Match sport pedals perfectly.

  • The sport mat in tufted fabric has the well-known reflector strip on all sides, a flocculated XC60 logo and an embossed pattern. These elements combined give the mat a unique design with maintained functionality.

Leather sports steering wheel.

Steering wheel, sport, aluminium inlay.

Gear shift knob, sport, leather.

Mat, passenger compartment floor, sport.

Sports pedals.

Sill molding, aluminium, front/rear.

Sill molding, illuminated front/rear.

Last updated: 3/7/2024