2012 R.H.D

Installation Instruction

Installation instructions, accessories
Volvo Car Corporation Gothenburg, Sweden
S60 2012
S60 (11-18) 2012 B6304T4

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Remote start, engine






  • Read through all of the instructions before starting installation.

  • Notifications and warning texts are for your safety and to minimise the risk of something breaking during installation.

  • Ensure that all tools stated in the instructions are available before starting installation.

  • Certain steps in the instructions are only presented in the form of images. Explanatory text is also given for more complicated steps.

  • In the event of any problems with the instructions or the accessory, contact your local Volvo dealer.


Accessory installation


Download software (application) for the accessory's function according to the service information in VIDA. See VIDA or the accessories catalogue for software part number.


Close the hood.

  1. Start the engine the normal way by pressing the start button (not by ERS).

  2. Switch off the engine.

  3. Lock the vehicle.

  4. Wait for about 2 minutes until the vehicle has gone to sleep-mode.

  5. Press the Lock button on the remote control.

  6. As soon as the vehicle has locked, press and hold the Approach light button (the button with the light symbol) for more than 2 seconds.


The hazard lights will flash for a few seconds and then the engine will start.

If the engine does not start, go back to step 3.