Installation Instruction

Installation instructions, accessories
Volvo Car Corporation Gothenburg, Sweden
V50 2005

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  • Read through all of the instructions before starting installation.

  • Notifications and warning texts are for your safety and to minimise the risk of something breaking during installation.

  • Ensure that all tools stated in the instructions are available before starting installation.

  • Certain steps in the instructions are only presented in the form of images. Explanatory text is also given for more complicated steps.

  • In the event of any problems with the instructions or the accessory, contact your local Volvo dealer.


  • Before installing check the measurement at point A = 333 mm. Adjust as necessary.


  • Position the cargo compartment wall with the clamps into the car.

  • Open the upper clamp and affix it loosely on the top bar of the safety grille.

  • Open the lower clamp and affix it as illustrated. Tighten the clamps only exactly as much as necessary to grip the grille, do not tighten them yet.

  • 3

  • Adjust so that the cargo compartment wall is vertical and in the centre of the cargo compartment.

  • The support plate (1) must be parallel with the roof panel.

  • Screw down the rear support foot (2) so that the cargo compartment wall is tensioned.

  • Screw down the front support foot (3) so that the cargo compartment wall stands in a straight, vertical position.

  • 4

  • Tighten the knobs (1) and (2).

  • Check that the cargo compartment wall does not make contact with the tailgate when it closes.