Bicycle carrier, cargo compartment

Bicycle carrier, cargo compartment

Op. No.: 88481

The accessory for anyone who wants to take extra care of their bicycles. This carrier can be used to transport two bicycles inside the car, well protected from the weather, wind and tampering individuals.

Suitable for all bicycles with a maximum of 70 cm between the front wheel hub and the highest point on the handlebars.

The bicycles are fitted vertically and slightly sloping by removing the front wheel and securing the forks in the holder. The sloping angle prevents the bicycles from sliding forward into the passenger compartment during heavy braking or in a collision. The bicycles are tensioned in the rear wheels using the enclosed tensioner bands.

The saddle is removed from the bicycle and fitted in an adapted holder. The front wheel also has its own holder so that no loose bicycle parts move around in the cargo area.

If you often transport dirty bicycles, you may wish to use the Volvo fully-covering dirt cover, see Dirt cover, load compartment, fully covering, in order to protect the interior of the cargo area.

Complete kit

Part. No.Description
9496979V70 R

Facts and advantages

The kit includes:

  • T-track profile for fitting the following parts:

  • Two front wheel holders

  • Two fork mountings

  • Two saddle holders

  • retaining strap

  • Installation components

Technical data

Accessory weight:

4.8 kg (11 lbs)


To provide protection in the event of a collision, the safety net should be used when bicycles are transported in the cargo compartment.


Cannot be used in combination with the safety grille.

Last updated: 6/2/2020