Phone, integrated

A fixed, integrated phone, designed for S80, S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R and XC70.

The following information applies to cars built from and including MY 01.

- GSM 900/1800 MHz


The phone works according to dualband technology, which means that it transmits on both 900 MHz and 1800 MHz for GSM.

The advantages of two frequency bands are:

- increased capacity in large urban areas

- improved network coverage

- the phone can change automatically between frequency bands

Examples of possible functions during ongoing phone calls:

- Receive information though an audio signal during incoming calls.

- Choose whether the current call shall be parked.

- Connect calls together and talk simultaneously, so-called three-party calls

- Switch between the two calls, so-called toggling

- Option to show IMEI number (i.e. serial number on the GSM module) in the display.

- Choose whether the car stereo shall be muted, fully or partially, during calls.

For accessory installation, the gooseneck type microphone is installed in the head restraint.

The telephone system is equipped with ASC, which means that the volume of the loudspeakers is adjusted automatically according to the speed of the car in order to compensate for road noise. ASC can be disengaged using the telephone system's menu functions.

The antenna is fitted against the windscreen, in front of the interior rearview mirror.

The privacy handset is used for private calls when the handsfree function is not appropriate.

The menu system contains a function for handling Calling Card

S80, S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R, XC70:

The privacy handset can also be positioned on the centre console, see Phone, integrated.

Facts and advantages

  • The phone module is integrated in the keypad

  • Holder for SIM card in the lower part of the keypad, easily accessible when you need to change card

  • 2 W power output, GSM

  • Full duplex, which means that two in the call can speak at the same time

  • The phone works in ignition positions I and II. The call is interrupted with a delay of 5 seconds when the ignition key is turned from position I to 0

  • There is the option to program 9 speed dial numbers

The following information applies to cars built up to and including MY 00.

A fixed, integrated phone for the 900 MHz band, designed for the S80 and V70, V70 R.

S60, S60 R, V70, V70 R

The privacy handset can also be positioned on the centre console, see Phone, integrated.

Facts and advantages

A fully deployed system consists of:

  • A fixed phone module mounted in the parcel shelf

  • Keypad integrated in the dashboard

  • Display in combined instrument panel

  • Privacy handset folded into the centre armrest

  • Integrated microphone and loudspeaker

  • Remote control in the steering wheel for simple handling of calls and stored phone numbers

  • Glass-mounted antenna

  • Head restraint cover (only applies to leather upholstery)

  • Supports SMS (Short Message Service)

Last updated: 6/2/2020