Trip computer

Trip computer

Excl. Bi-Fuel

Op. No.: 38224

The trip computer facilitates planning a journey and makes it both enjoyable and economical.

A kit based on the factory version. From MY 07-, the installation kit is standard from the factory.

The trip computer helps you answer questions about when you next need to refuel, or how to drive to achieve low fuel consumption, among other things. It also gives you an answer to children's eternal question: Are we nearly there yet?

Turn a ring on the direction indicator lever to browse to information on average speed, fuel consumption, etc. The information is shown bottom left of the car's combined instrument panel.

Trip computer installation is simple and fast. It consists of a complete kit including indicator lever and installation instructions.


Part. No.Description
9438236Excl. Bi-Fuel
9438236S60 R, Excl. Bi-Fuel

Facts and advantages

Simple to operate and shows:

  • Average speed

  • Current fuel consumption

  • Average consumption

  • Trip meter

  • Distance to empty tank

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 6/5/2020