First-aid kit

First-aid kit

A practical first aid case, fold-out and compartmentalised.

The case is available in two versions:

1. First aid case that is sealed with Velcro and contains angled scissors, strong enough to cut through clothes, seatbelts, etc., a first aid folder, a pair of disposable gloves, a breathable cloth and three bags containing items for various types of wounds, as well as a bottle containing sodium chloride. The compartments are equipped with clear instructions and texts in seven languages.

2. First aid case approved according to DIN 131641, with detailed first aid instructions in German and table of contents in six languages. The case is closed with zip fasteners on three sides and contains a first aid folder, a pair of disposable gloves, a pair of scissors and bags containing items for the treatment of various types of wounds.

Part. No.Description
321494261. First-aid kit
321494272. First aid, DIN kit

Technical data

Accessory weight:

0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)

  1. Legal requirement in certain markets.
Última atualização: 5/27/2020