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Accessory, R-design, general description

Accessory, R-design, general description
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Op. No.: 89135

At a first glance it would be understandable if you were to pigeonhole the V70 R-design. And who could blame you? It is a car that many consider to be one of the safest, best equipped and technically advanced estate cars. But try for a second to take a look from an entirely new perspective. Passion.

V70 R-design is a convincing expression of modern car design and car maker art that has received an extra dose of the grandest of feelings.

The following unique R-design products are also offered as accessories:

Steering wheel, sport, leather, 10-

Steering wheel, sport, aluminium inlay, -09

Gear shift knob, sport, leather, MAN

Sports pedals

Mat, passenger compartment floor, textile, R-design

Aluminium rim "Cratus" 8 x 18"

Decor trim, air intake, -13

Spoiler, roof

Sports exhaust system, -13

Rearview mirror casing, external

Decor frame, fog lights, -13

Last updated: 4/22/2024