2010 L.H.D

Driver's Support

Upgrading screen, 5" to 7" (Ch 175379-, Excl. CN, JP)

With this upgrade from 5" screen to 7" screen, you can connect the front wide-angle parking camera.

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Navigation system, RTI, maps DVD (Ch -175378)

Upgrading the navigation map is essential and gives the advantage of a more accurate navigation and economical driving.

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Interior rear view mirror with autodim and compass

Anti-glare rear view mirror automatically cuts off disturbing light from the cars behind. A very practical accessory when driving in the dark. Thanks to the compass in the top right-hand corner of the mirror, the compass point that the front of the car is pointing in is always shown.

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Front parking assistance

Front parking assistance is an excellent system that warns of obstructions when you have limited space in front of the car, such as when parallel parking, for example.

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Rear parking assistance

Rear parking assistance facilitates distance assessment and informs of obstructions when you have limited space behind the car, such as when parallel parking, for example.

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Rear parking camera (Ch -175378)

Increases your field of vision behind the car when parking. A camera mounted in the tailgate now makes it possible for you to have "eyes in the back of your head" when parallel parking. The monitor displays what is behind the car.

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Cruise control

With cruise control you can drive very relaxed and safely without having to keep your foot on the accelerator pedal. Easy to handle with buttons on the steering wheel.

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USB and iPod® Music Interface (Ch -175378)

Listen to all your favorite music in the car by easily "docking" your portable music player or USB memory. USB and iPod® Music Interface enables you to connect most iPod®, USB memories and certain MP3 players. This means that you can listen to your stored favorite music directly from the car's audio system.

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Cradle for USB and Ipod® Music Interface (CH -175378)

USB and iPod® cradle now makes it possible to easily and stylishly connect and store your iPod®/USB device in the compartment in the center console. This allows quick and effortless access to the unit at the same time as it is simply and practically concealed when necessary. The cradle protects your iPod®/USB device from scratches and other damage at the same time as it gives you access to other storage in the center compartment.

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CD changer, 6 discs (Ch -175378)

As an accessory, Volvo makes it possible to upgrade from the factory-fitted CD player to a CD changer with room for up to six CDs, provided that the car is factory-fitted with either Premium Sound or High Performance audio system.

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DAB/DAB+ Digital radio (Excl. AU, BR, CA, PR, US)

DAB digital radio makes it possible to enjoy digital radio in your car, with interference free reception and superb sound quality. It also gives access to a large selection of unique radio stations.

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Rear Seat Entertainment

RSE multimedia system - two screens and two DVD players

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) is the ultimate entertainment system for passengers in the rear seat. The system consists of two bright LCD monitors in 7" widescreen format. The monitors can be tilted to minimize the risk of sun dazzling and reflections in bright conditions. The two DVD players are mounted in the monitors and discs are inserted from underneath, this facilitates the insertion of discs for children. It also prevents small things from being inserted down into the DVD device. The system is equipped with AUX inputs that allow the connection of external sources such as iPods®, MP3 players and games consoles. The RSE system contains two wireless headsets and a wireless remote control. The devices have been thoroughly tested and fulfil Volvo's high safety demands.

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