2012 L.H.D

Forebyggende sikkerhet

Daytime running lights, LED (Excl. JP, Ch 116061-)

A low-placed light that gives the car a modern look. LED lamps emit a strong white light that makes the car easier to detect and improves traffic safety.

Light kit

A bulb kit with the most common "see and be seen" bulbs.

Snow chains

Aid travelling in difficult winter conditions.

AutoSock (Excl. GB)

The perfect aid for driving on snowy and icy roads. When the road suddenly becomes slippery, the sock is simply mounted on the wheel and provides increased friction on snow and ice. It takes a small amount of storage space and can be re-used.

Protective plate, beneath the engine

Protects the engine, oil pan and transmission from impacts when driving in poor conditions, e.g. on bumpy or potholed roads. Fully covering aluminum plate that also prevents impacts from loose stones.

Hundesele (Unntatt CN)

Bekvem hundesele som festes direkte i bilens sikkerhetsbelte med hurtigkobling. Den vatterte og komfortable selen holder hunden i ro i baksetet.


ECE-godkjent varseltrekant. Tar liten plass i sammenfelt stilling og er svært enkel å sette opp og felle sammen.

Sikkerhetssete for barn

Child seat, booster seat (Excl. AU, BR, CN, KR, TH, TW)

For children between 15 kg and 36 kg, approx. 4-10 years old. Volvo recommends that your child sits facing backwards in the car up to 4 years of age.

Barnesete, sittepute / seterygg for sittepute, ull (Unntatt AU, BR, CN, KR, TH, TW)

Barnesetet passer for barn mellom 15 og 36 kg (33-80 lbs), ca. 3-10 år. Volvo anbefaler bruk av bakovervendt sete for barn opptil minst 3-4 års alder.


Child seat, kick guard (Excl. CN)

A practical dirt cover with different pockets for the child's toys, which protects the car's upholstery from dirt and stains while the child is sitting in the child seat.


Alarm (Excl. IL)

Volvo Guard Alarm System is an advanced remote controlled alarm system, especially developed for your C70. The alarm can be configured according to market requirements and is designed to conform to all insurance and legal requirements.

Lockable wheel nut kit / Wheel nut kit

Lockable wheel nuts, specially developed for Volvo Cars, which gives improved safety.


Hvis batteriet i bilen er utladet, kan det hentes strøm enten fra et løst batteri eller fra batteriet i en annen bil. Kontroller alltid at klemmene på startkablene sitter godt fast, slik at det ikke oppstår gnister. ""