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Aluminium rim "Midir" 7.5 x 18"

Aluminium rim "Midir" 7.5 x 18"
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Op. No.: 77104

Aluminium rim "Midir" 7.5 x 18".

For more information about Volvo's aluminium rims, see Aluminum rims, general description.

Part. No.Description
30760052Silver Bright, Image: car and upper right (Incl. hub cap)
30760138Diamond cut/Light Grey, Image: lower right (Incl. hub cap)
31414007Diamond cut/Glossy Black, (incl. hub cap)
+ Tyre Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 215/45 R18 93W1
+ Deflection limiter
Part. No.
+ Speedometer application2
Part. No.

Recommended accessories:

Lockable wheel nut kit / Wheel nut kit

Facts and advantages

  • Prepared for TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

Technical data

Colour code:

936 (Silver Bright)

947 (Diamond cut/Light Grey)

019 (Black Stone)

Accessory weight:

10.6 kg (23 lbs)


52.5 mm

Recommended tire dimension:

215/45 R18 93W


VCC_01715, VCC_01714


Not certified for D2 94 g/ DRIVe in Europe.

Not suitable for 4-cylinder engines (excl. 2.0D) with sport chassis (option code 800 051) after chassis no. 190 000-.


Not recommended in combination with snow chains.


This accessory might not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Volvo dealership for more information.

  1. Volvo recommends that only this tyre is used to minimize the risk of contact in the wheel arch.
  2. The software ensures that the correct speed is displayed in spite of the larger wheels. Ordered by a separate procedure and downloaded using VIDA.
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