Roof spoiler

Roof spoiler

Op. No.: 89133

An aerodynamic and colour matched roof spoiler with sporty design that is equipped with black-painted "winglets".

The roof spoiler was wind-tunnel tested during the development phase to guarantee the car's high-speed characteristics.

The roof spoiler replaces the car's original roof spoiler. Its upper section is colour-coordinated with the car's exterior colour and the bottom is black. It also features an integrated brake light and the necessary washer nozzle.

Part. No.Description
39791323Black Stone, 019Installation Instruction
39791325Ice White, 614Installation Instruction
39791327Amazone Blue, 621Installation Instruction
39791329Crystal White Pearl, 707Installation Instruction
39791331Bright Silver Metallic, 711Installation Instruction
39791333Osmium Grey, 714Installation Instruction
39792499Onyx Black, 717Installation Instruction
39791335Luminous Sand, 719Installation Instruction
39792501Bursting Blue, 720Installation Instruction
39791337Maple Brown, 722Installation Instruction
39791339Denim Blue, 723Installation Instruction
39791341Pine Grey, 724Installation Instruction
39791343Fusion Red, 725Installation Instruction
40000414 Pebble Grey , 727
40000415Thunder Grey , 728
40000416 Glacier Silver , 729

Facts and advantages

  • Replaces the ordinary roof spoiler and gives the car an aerodynamic and sporty design.

  • Has an integrated brake light, a colour-coordinated top and a black underside.

  • Should be combined with other Exterior styling products for greatest possible design value.

Technical data





Colour coordinated

Accessory weight

2,6 kg




In cases where a colour is missing, Ice White (614) must be ordered and post painted in the desired colour.


The accessory is not available for cars with the Kinetic equipment level.

Last updated: 9/2/2020