2014 R.H.D

Bumper cover

Bumper cover
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Op. No.: 84232

A bumper cover, with design pattern, that is easily installed on the upper side of the rear bumper. A practical and attractive accessory to avoid scratching the paint when loading and unloading the load compartment. Also functions as a styling element for the upper section of the bumper.

The bumper cover material, PUR, is very resistant to bumps and scratches. The cover is semi-transparent, which means that the bodywork paint is visible through the cover and creates an integrated look.

Part. No.
31347552Installation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • The cover is secured with double sided tape and is easy to install

  • Protects the paint on the bumper from scratches when loading and unloading.

Technical data




Charcoal, silver and transparent

Last updated: 1/23/2021