2007 L.H.D

Interior Styling, general description

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The interior styling has been introduced to further enhance the C30's existing modern design. With the aid of a few well designed products the customer can create their own unique interior.

The following accessories are part of Interior Styling:

1. Decor panel

Four aluminium panels that replace the car's usual panels. The design is inspired by old navigational charts and maps.

2. Mat, passenger compartment and cargo compartment

Five textile mats with the world oceans and continents embossed in the pile of the mats. Perfectly designed to match the decor panels, see Mat kit, (Interior Styling).

3. Sill molding, decor protection

With an exciting pattern and a decorative surface with a C30 logo on it, the self-adhesive vinyl decal effectively protects the sill area, packs of 2.

4. Dirt cover cargo compartment

Fully covering protection for customers who lead an active lifestyle. Protects the cargo compartment against dirt when transporting, for example, a golf bag or diving equipment home. Equipped with storage pockets and can be combined with other cargo compartment mat, see Dirt cover, load compartment, fully covering.

Last updated: 4/28/2022