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Rear diffuser

Rear diffuser
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Op. No.: 86332

A design element that positively affects the aerodynamics of the car.

This diffuser replaces the originally installed diffuser and improves the already excellent aerodynamic properties of the car. It is equipped with a number of "aero fins" that optimise the air flow and reduce the vortices that are created behind the car.

Part. No.Description
39814229Not paintedInstallation Instruction
39813663Black stone, 019Installation Instruction
39814223Silver, 426Installation Instruction
39814225-15, Black sapphire, 452Installation Instruction
39818926Titanium grey, 455Installation Instruction
39818906Electric silver, 477Installation Instruction
39814231-15, Caspian blue, 498Installation Instruction
39814227Passion red, 612Installation Instruction
39813665Ice white, 614Installation Instruction
39817993Rebel blue, 619Installation Instruction
39845787Amazone Blue, 621
Part. No.Description
39814233Flamenco red, 702Installation Instruction
39814235-15, Vibrant copper, 704Installation Instruction
39835464Ocean Blue II, 706
39818914Biarritz blue, 705Installation Instruction
39814237Raw Copper, 708Installation Instruction
39817149Misty blue, 710Installation Instruction
39834283Power Blue, 713
39823949Osmium Grey, 714
39824677Crystal white pearl, 707
39824679Bright silver metallic, 711
39845105Luminous Sand, 719
39845106Mussle Blue, 721
39845107Denim Blue, 723
39793419Fusion Red, 725
+ End pipes, double, for cars with two visible end pipes
Part. No.Description
3131688014, T5 (B5254T14)Installation Instruction
31316880-14, T5 (B5254T12)Installation Instruction
31316880-15, T5 (B5204T9)Installation Instruction
31316880-15, T4 (B5204T8)Installation Instruction
31316880-15, T4 (B4164T)Installation Instruction
31316880-15, T3 (B4164T3)Installation Instruction
31316880-15, T2 (B4164T4)Installation Instruction
31330929-14, D4 (D5204T4)Installation Instruction
31330929-15, D3 (D5204T6)Installation Instruction
+ End pipes, double, for cars with concealed end pipes and equipped with rear silencer1
Part. No.Description
31399476-15, D2 (D4162T)Installation Instruction
+ Installation kit, for cars with Parking assistance, rear
Part. No.
31339324Installation Instruction
+ Activator2
Part. No.Description
1161765Excl. CA, CN, JP, US
+ Hole punching tool3
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Optimises the car's air resistance and improves the car's already excellent aerodynamics

  • Gives the car a dynamic design and a more personal design impression

  • Should be combined with other Exterior Styling products, for maximum reduction of air resistance and maximum design value.

Technical data




Colour coordinated

Accessory weight


1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)

End pipes, double:

2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)

End pipes, double incl. additional kit for two visible end pipes:

5.3 kg (12 lbs)



  1. For model year 2016, there are two variants of D2 (D4204T8), one with a rear silencer and one without. You can find out if the car has a rear silencer or not by looking under the car's rear bumper. You will either see just a straight exhaust pipe or you will see a silencer just before the end pipe.
  2. Japan orders in accordance with a separate procedure.
  3. The hole punching tool can be used for several installations. Replace the tool with a new one when it becomes blunt.
Last updated: 4/28/2022