2018 L.H.D


Skid plate kit

"Skid plate kit" contains the following products:

Exterior Styling, general information
Exterior styling kit 1 Urban Luxury with side scuff plate

The following products are included in Urban Luxury with "Side scruff plate":

Exterior styling kit 2 Urban Luxury with running board

The following products are included in Urban Luxury with "Running board":

Exterior styling package 3 Rugged Luxury with side scuff plate

The following products are included in Rugged Luxury with "Side scuff plate":

Exterior styling package 4 Rugged Luxury with running board

Following products included in Rugged Luxury with Running board:

Front decor frame

A unique and exclusive accessory that enhances the dynamic look of the front. "Front decor frame" has several chrome finished surfaces and unique painted grille pattern, to perfectly match the car's other styling elements. These decor frames replace the car's standard fitted front decor frames.

Integrated running board with illumination

An exclusive and stylish running board that enhances the car's luxurious look. "Integrated running board with illumination" makes it easy to enter and exit the car and to load the car's roof. It has LED illuminated strips on its outer edge which show where to place your foot, and which give the car a cool appearance. The lighting is coordinated with the car's interior light logic.

Fender extension

A colour-coded fender extension that is designed in line with other expressive exterior details that are integrated into the bodywork. Areas of the fender extension that are more vulnerable, such as to dirt and stone chips, for example, remain unpainted for practical reasons. Otherwise the new fender extension is painted the same colour as the car, which creates a more sophisticated SUV-feel.

Touch up paint, paint, bonding primers (Excl. KR, TR)

Volvo Genuine paint. Spray cans and touch-up pens for minor paint damage.


A mudflap that blends in well with the car's design. Effective protection to the sides of the car from wheel splash and also minimizes water spray on following traffic.