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Cargo compartment divider/Cargo shelf/Cargo basket

Cargo compartment divider/Cargo shelf/Cargo basket
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Op. No.: 88052

Using this unique accessory creates a very versatile load compartment in your Volvo.

The accessory consists of a textile net that is fitted on two rods made of aluminum. These can be attached in seven different positions on the attachment panel. The lower rod can be attached in the floor rail's hooks. The possibility of attaching several nets means you can easily adapt the load compartment to suit you own particular needs.

The practical solution allows the accessory to be used as a cargo compartment divider, for example, if you want to separate a dirty load from other items.

The accessory can also be installed as a cargo shelf/cargo basket, and can then be used to store fragile items, or, e.g., separate dirty and clean load.

See the matrix for combination possibilities with other accessories for the load compartment, Combination possibilities for the cargo program.

Part. No.
+ Load hook1
Part. No.Description
863937415-, Ch 211012-

Complete kit (contains attachment panel, side net and cargo space divider/cargo shelf/cargo basket)

Part. No.Description
3143913215-, Ch 218128-Installation Instruction
+ Load hook¹
Part. No.Description
863937415-, Ch 211012-

Facts and advantages

  • An easy way to separate loads in your load compartment.

  • Makes a load compartment extremely flexible.

  • Possible to fold-up and store under the cargo compartment floor.

Technical data


Aluminum tube and textile net


Off black

Accessory weight:

0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)


VCC_01535, VCC_01534


Used in combination with a protective steel grille/nylon protective net.


The car must be equipped with Attachment panels with hooks.

  1. Two load hooks required for complete kit.
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