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Media Server with Digital-TV

Media Server with Digital-TV

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With this package, you will never get bored on a journey. By wirelessly connecting your tablet or smartphone via media server you can select your favourite entertainment such as movies, images or music.

With Digital-TV you can watch all terrestrial TV on your tablet or smartphone, and the unique combination of "Media Server and Digital-TV" means that you can also record your favourite programmes and watch them when it suits you.

Media Server creates a WiFi zone in the car that allows you to wirelessly connect up to six different tablets and smartphones simultaneously. Since you add the media you want to play on a USB device yourself,1Because you are connected to the media server, you are not dependent on network coverage and do not incur any data costs.

Digital-TV enables you to watch TV on your tablet or smartphone. Up to a speed of six km/h, you can also watch Digital-TV in the car's front display screen. The display screen's touch function makes it easy to scroll and select channels.

For as safe and comfortable use as possible, iPad holder is recommended.

Control module2

Part. No.Description
31664736DVB-T Excl. KR, CN, TW
Media Server and Digital TVInstallation Instruction
Media Server (Vehicles with Digital TV)Installation Instruction
Media server and digital TV (with pre-assembled antennas)Installation Instruction
Media serverInstallation Instruction
+ Installation kit USB
Part. No.Description

+ Wiring, for cars with factory fitted Digital-TV (Option code 833)

Part. No.
+ Installation kit, for cars without factory fitted Digital-TV (Option code 833), Digital-TV as accessory or Digital-TV preparation (Option code 1061)
Part. No.Description
31470799Without Volvo On Call
31470800With Volvo On Call
+ Splice, for cars with "Alcohol lock, installation kit" or option code 601 ("Alcohol lock preparation")
Part. No.
+ Application, Media Server3
Part. No.
+ Application, TVM remove, for cars with factory fitted Digital TV (Option code 833)³
Part. No.
+ Installation template for "Installation kit USB" (can be used for several installations)
Part. No.
+ Installation kit, antenna
Part. No.Description
31470808For cars without Digital-TV preparation (option code 1062)
32204695For cars with Digital-TV preparation (option code 1062)
+ Application, Digital-TV in combination with Media Server³4
Part. No.Description

+ Kit Side windows, rear with TV-antenna, for cars without Digital-TV preparation (option code 1062)⁵

Part. No.Description
31470810Hardened and light glass, chrome decor (T601, LR01, TM02)
31470811Hardened and tinted glass, chrome decor (T601, LR02, TM02)
31470812Hardened and light glass, silk metal decor (T601, LR01, TM01)
31470813Hardened and tinted glass, silk metal decor (T601, LR02, TM01)
31664666Laminated and light glass, chrome decor (T602, LR01, TM02)
31664667Laminated and tinted glass, chrome decor (T602, LR02, TM02)
31664671Laminated and light glass, silk metal decor (T602, LR01, TM01)
31664673Laminated and tinted glass, silk metal decor (T602, LR02, TM01)
31470816Hardened and light glass, gloss black decor (T601, LR01, TM04)
31470817Hardened and tinted glass, gloss black decor (T601, LR02, TM04)
31664672Laminated and light glass, high gloss black decor (T602, LR01, TM04)
31664674Laminated and tinted glass, high gloss black decor (T602, LR02, TM04)

+ Owner's manual

Part. No.Description
31470921Chinese, traditional
31470922Chinese, simplified

Recommended accessories:

iPad® holder

Facts and advantages

  • "Media Server" makes it possible to take large amounts of movies, music and photos with you on car journeys.

  • "Media Server" supports the most common file formats. The files are stored on a USB device¹, for example a USB Hard Drive (HDD), which is connected to "Media Server".

  • Connect up to 6 different smartphones or tablets via WiFi to "Media Server".

  • "Media Server" supports Android devices.

  • Select what you want to do on your tablet or smartphone, completely independent of fellow passengers.

  • "Media Server" is completely independent of network coverage, data traffic restrictions or surfing costs.

  • Connect a USB hub to "Media Server's" USB port to play media from different devices simultaneously.

Technical data




approx. 2 kg


AC-3 Audio format not supported by Android devices.

"Media Server" works with Android software versions 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

To be able to play media from "Media Server", you need to download the "Volvo Cars Media Server" application to your tablet/smartphone. This is free-of-charge and can be found in Google Play® by searching for "Volvo Cars Media Server".


A car with factory fitted Digital-TV (option code 833) does not need replacement windows.

TV antenna is not available for windows with rubber strip.

In the long term, the TV standard may change in certain countries, for example, in Germany where 4k Ultra HD is now offered through H.265/HEVC. Volvo's "Media Server" does not support TV broadcasts through H.265/HEVC. Check what applies in your country.


Image transmission on the front display screen switches off at speeds exceeding six km/h.

Note that you can only watch one TV channel at a time.

  1. the USB device is not included in Media Server. The larger the amount of data and the number of files on the USB device, the longer it will take for the USB device to connect to Media Server for the first time.
  2. Digital-TV is always available as preparation in the control module.
  3. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  4. Required together with the application for Media Server if you want to install Digital-TV in combination with Media Server.
Last updated: 2/17/2022