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Electric engine heater

Electric engine heater
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Op. No.: 87652 87656

An electric engine heater and passenger compartment heater ensure that the car is warm and comfortable to climb into, even on very cold winter mornings. Starting an already warm engine subjects the engine to less wear and consumes less fuel, thereby producing fewer harmful exhaust fumes.

The front socket is mounted in the front bumper and gives an integrated impression and makes it easily accessible. Electric engine heaters can be supplemented with a passenger compartment connection kit which allows connection of a passenger compartment heater.

Part. No.Description
30776728T6 (B6304T4)Installation Instruction
31260693-14, T5 (B4204T7)Installation Instruction
31269364-15, T4F (B4164T2)Installation Instruction
31269364-15, T4 (B4164T)Installation Instruction
31269364-15, T3 (B4164T3)Installation Instruction
Part. No.Description
3166409712-15, D5 (D5244T11, D5244T15)
3166409712-15, D4 (D5204T3)
3166409713-15, D4 (D5244T17)
3166409713-15, D3 (D5204T7)
3140821513-15, D2 (D4162T)
+ Front intake
Part. No.


Passenger compartment connector kit

Part. No.Description
31359436T6 (B6304T4)Installation Instruction
31359437-14, T5 (B4204T7)Installation Instruction
31359437-15, T4F (B4164T2)Installation Instruction
31359437-15, T4 (B4164T)Installation Instruction
31359437-15, T3 (B4164T3)Installation Instruction
Part. No.Description
3135943712-15, D5 (D5244T11, D5244T15)Installation Instruction
3135943712-15, D4 (D5204T3)Installation Instruction
3135943713-15, D4 (D5244T17)Installation Instruction
3135943713-15, D3 (D5204T7)Installation Instruction
3135943713-15, D2 (D4162T)Installation Instruction
+ Silicone cable, 400 mm
Part. No.Description
30742151-15, T4F (B4164T2), Flexifuel
+ Security lock, mini
Part. No.Description
8698862-15, T4F (B4164T2), Flexifuel

Facts and advantages

  • Easy to install.

  • Less engine wear.

  • Less fuel consumption.

Technical data


550 W

Weight engine block heater kit:

max 2 kg

Weight passenger compartment connector kit:

max 1 kg




Not suitable for the V60 Plug-in Hybrid/Twin Engine.


Cannot be combined with Volvo's battery charger.

Cannot be combined with "Protective plate, beneath the engine" for following engines:

D5 (D4204T11), D4 (D4204T5), D4 (D4204T14), D3 (D4204T4), D3 (D4204T9), D2 (D4204T8), D2 (D4204T20).

Cannot be combined with "Fuel-driven heater" for following engines:

T6 (B4204T9), T5 (B4204T11), T5 (B4204T12), T5 (B4204T15), T4 (B4204T19), T3 (B4204T37) or T3 (B4154T4).


The ideal preheating time with an electric engine heater is 2-3 hours. This is enough to raise the temperature of the engine to 20-30 °C above the outside temperature. After that the temperature does not increase and the electric current is used only to maintain the temperature.

Last updated: 4/28/2022