2021 L.H.D


Exterior Styling, general description (Excl. IN)

An exclusive styling kit for those who want to personalise their car whilst retaining the car's existing excellent driving characteristics.

Exterior Styling Kit

The styling offer consists of a front skid plate, lower door mouldings and a rear skid plate. Together, the styling elements in the exterior styling kit give your car a more expressive design. All three components have detailing in brushed stainless steel that reinforces the car's exclusive look.

Roof spoiler

An aerodynamic and colour matched roof spoiler with sporty design that is equipped with black-painted "winglets".

Integrated running board (Excl. Pure electric)

An exclusive and stylish running board that enhances the car's powerful look, while providing a well-integrated board to stand on when getting in and out of the car and when loading on the roof.