Excl. IL

Op. No.: 36607 36628

A complete alarm system for your V70, V70 R, XC70

Movement sensor triggers the alarm when movement is detected in the passenger compartment. A valuable addition to the basic equipment.

Level sensor triggers the alarm if the position of the car changes, such as if someone tries to steal a wheel or tow the car away.

You can use the switch to deactivate the alarm sensors and the BLL function. Used to avoid unintended triggering of the alarm, e.g. if a dog is left in the car or when travelling on a ferry. (The button is standard on cars equipped with BLL.)

Alarm system1

Part. No.Description
9438247Excl. BE
9438247V70 R, Excl. BE

Keyset JPN, see Personal car settings.

+ Siren
Part. No.Description
9499758with battery back-up (Figure 1)
9499758V70 R, with battery back-up (Image 1)
+ Alarm diode
Part. No.Description
825049805-, V70 R

Switch 2(Figure 2)

Part. No.Description
869807404-, V70 R
+ Keypad, 7-in-row3
Part. No.Description
3066977404-, V70 R

Movement sensor 4(Figure 3) For chassis number, see table below

Part. No.Description
8698727Ch 297095-
8698727Ch 297095-, V70 R
30710979Ch -297094
30710979Ch -297094, V70 R
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.Description
9499164V70 R

Level sensor (Figure 4)

Part. No.Description
9472105Installation Instruction
9472105V70 RInstallation Instruction
+ ApplicationĀ¹
Part. No.Description
9438248V70 R
Week/chassis demarcation


Chassis number

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 287288-

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 286152-


Ch 95105-


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch -287287

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch -286151


Ch -95104

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Only if this is missing.
  3. Only required if all three buttons in the centre console's control panel are already occupied by other functions when the alarm is installed.
  4. Only BE, NL, LU (MC 20).
Last updated: 6/17/2020