2013 L.H.D

Fuel-driven heater, general description

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Engine heater

Starting an engine that is already warm means:

  • the car gives off fewer emissions

  • the car consumes considerably less fuel

  • engine wear is reduced

Passenger compartment heater

Heats the water, which is then pumped around in the car's standard heating system. It also automatically engages the blower fan and distributes heat evenly in the passenger compartment.

The fact that the car has a warm engine and comfortable passenger compartment temperature when it is started means that:

  • the passengers get into a warm car, reducing the risk of colds

  • there is no need to scrape ice from the windows

Technical information

Easy to install under the left-hand front wing, and connected to the car's electrical system. The heater is fully integrated with the car's electrical system, which means well developed communication between the car and the heater. This gives the following advantages:

  • in the event of a diagnostic trouble code (DTC), if for example the heater has not started or has stopped, information is provided in clear text on the car's driver's information display

  • if the battery voltage is low, the passenger compartment fan does not start to prevent the battery from draining. However, the engine is still warmed

  • at lower battery power levels, the heater will not start in order to save available battery power for engine start

  • the heater does not start if the fuel level is too low.

  • the heater is turned off automatically if the airbag is triggered.

  • the control unit is optimized for efficient combustion


No separate timer is required. The function is installed through a software download: Heater and timer, application1.

Cars with auxiliary heater installed in factory are easily upgraded with the parking heater: Timer system².

The timer is operated simply using a ring on the direction indicator stalk, in the same way as the trip computer. A control stalk is added if the car is not equipped with a trip computer.

Remote start for heaters

A practical remote starter that allows you to switch on your heater easily without needing to go out to the car. Controlled by a transmitter with a range of 600 meters (1968 feet) if unobstructed. A practical accessory well suited to cold winter days.

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
Last updated: 4/28/2022