2012 L.H.D

Navigation system, RTI, general description

The system is well integrated in the car, with widescreen screen at eye level and easy-to-use buttons on the back of the steering wheel - all to prevent you, the driver, from behind distracted while driving.

The navigation system facilitates your travels when you have a predetermined destination and will be driving in an unfamiliar traffic environment. Select the desired final destination with just a few buttons and a male or female voice will give you driving instructions in good time before each new maneuver, while you receive supplementary information via the screen, so-called turn-by-turn guiding. The system is also equipped with menu shortcuts for the most frequently used functions.

To avoid road construction, accidents, or other traffic disruptions, the system can give you a suggestion for an alternate route with RDS-TMC (Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel)1.

The 6.5" widescreen display shows your exact position. You are guided along your route by an arrow that shows you which way to drive. In addition to being able to see the remaining distance and driving time to your final destination, you can choose whether to be guided there by the fastest or the shortest route. Before a long journey, you can choose to program up to seven waypoints.

In addition to choosing a street address as your destination, it is also possible to choose facilities from a long list, including tourist attractions, hotels and restaurants. If you do not know the name of a restaurant, for example, you can search through a list of the nearest facilities in the area. The phone numbers of the facilities are shown beside the addresses, so you can phone ahead and reserve hotel rooms or a restaurant table. If you leave your planned route, you can automatically choose a new route if you want to.

To study and display the navigation system there is a demo mode (real-time) that can be used when the car is stationary, where a trip can be simulated.

The following language choices are available for sound and text:

Swedish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, and Danish.

With a control module based on DVD technology, only a few discs are needed to cover the various road networks.


The navigation system only works together with the audio system High Performance Sound or Premium Sound, which is factory-installed.

  1. Only certain markets.
Last updated: 1/23/2021