Level control, fully automatic

Level control, fully automatic

Excl. S60 R and V70 R

Op. No.: 76414

Volvo's level control automatically adjusts the damping pressure according to how heavily the car is loaded.

An excellent alternative if you often drive with a trailer and it provides a high level of ride comfort even with a heavy load.

Bi-Fuel has level control as standard.

Equipping your car with Volvo's fully automatic level control provides the following benefits and characteristics:

  • Automatic adjustment of the damping pressure depending on how heavily the car is loaded

  • Stable driving characteristics even when towing a trailer

  • High level of ride comfort even with a heavy load

  • No risk of dazzling other road users

  • Easy to install; no extra lines or pumps

How does the level control work?

Without extra motor or battery, it uses the movement of the car between axle and body to pump up the shock absorber to the level the car would have if it was unloaded. It achieves this with a load up to the car's maximum permissible weight. Each level control kit is defined for each car variant in order to achieve maximum comfort and damping for both unladen and fully loaded car. The fully automatic level control gradually resumes ground level while driving after about 500-1500 metres.

A kit consists of the following:

  • Two rear shock absorbers with automatic level control

  • Two new rear springs

Part. No.

Technical data

Accessory weight:

12.4 kg (27 lbs)

Last updated: 5/14/2020