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22" 10-Open Spoke Black Diamond Cut - 800142

22" 10-Open Spoke Black Diamond Cut - 800142

Workshop installation recommended

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Op. No.: 77104-0

This exclusive wheel together with the specially introduced fender extensions give your car a robust and elegant look.

Style and sophistication is not enough for Volvo - high quality and optimum driving characteristics are just as important to us.

To create such an attractive, sustainable and safe option as possible, these conditions are carefully balanced and well combined during development work.

The corresponding fender extensions are designed in line with other expressive exterior parts that are integrated into the bodywork. The fender extensions are painted in the car's colour, which contributes to a more sophisticated SUV-feel of your car.

The fender extensions are made of plastic and supplied in a kit including fender extensions for the front and rear wheel housings.

For more information about Volvo's aluminium rims, see Aluminum rims, general description.

Part. No.
+ Hub cap
Part. No.Description
+ Application, speedometer, steering gear and tyre dimensions1
Part. No.
+ Fender extension
Part. No.Description
40003466-21, Black, 019
40003476-21, Ice White, 614
39848503 -21, Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
40003486-21, Crystal White Pearl, 707
40003491-21, Bright Silver Metallic, 711
40003496 -21, Osmium Grey, 714
40003501-21, Onyx Black, 717
40003506-21, Luminous Sand, 719
40003511-21, Bursting Blue, 720
40003516-21, Mussel Blue, 721
39848647-21, Maple Brown, 722Installation Instruction
40003526-21, Denim Blue , 723
39848485UnpaintedInstallation Instruction
+ Primer
Part. No.
+ Inner wheel housing, front, for cars with factory-fitted 21" wheels2
Part. No.
31664778Installation Instruction

Recommended accessories:

Locking wheel bolts and caps for locking wheel bolts

Facts and advantages

  • These larger wheels with a powerful design make your car more personal.

  • The fender extensions are painted in the car's exterior colour and are developed to be installed by the dealer. Supplied with installation templates for easy fitting.

Technical data

Rim dimension:

9 x 22”


43 mm



019 (Black)

Fender extension:

The car's colour

Rec. tyre size:

265/35 R22 102V XL VOL

Accessory weight


18.3 kg (40 lbs)

Fender extension:

2.9 kg / kit




Fender extensions must always be used with 22" wheels.

Changes in the external dimensions of a vehicle with European type approval is, in principle, not allowed. There are markets that accept changes to vehicles with type approval. Such markets require national registration inspections.


Not recommended for combination with snow chains. This accessory might not be available in all countries. Please contact your local Volvo dealership for more information.

  1. When changing to new wheel dimensions, new software must be downloaded. Updates speedometer, steering gear and tyre dimensions. Ordered according to separate procedure and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. Cars factory-fitted with 21" wheels have inner wheel housings with lips to prevent their use with fender extensions.
Last updated: 7/2/2024