Spoiler, roof

Spoiler, roof

Op. No.: 89133

A discreet rear spoiler that follows the car's design style and enhances the sporty look.

Offered in most colours or primed for painting.

Part. No.Description
39986953Primed, 001
39983616Silver metallic, 426
39983622Black sapphire, 452
39983624Ruby red, 454
39986014Black currant, 463
39998564Cedar green, 465
Part. No.Description
39897512Willow green, 471
39897516Electric silver, 477
39879567Maple red, 478
Part. No.Description
39808480Cosmic white, 481
39850382Gekko green, 488
39850384Matt gold, 489
39983628Passion red, 612
39983630Deep blue, 613
39983632Ice white, 614
39808482Orange flame, 701
39808484Flamenco red, 702

Facts and advantages

  • Easy to install

Technical data


ABS plastic


Colour coordinated

Accessory weight:

1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)


With screws and double-sided adhesive tape




Exercise care when opening the tailgate when the car is equipped with a roof box.


Not available pre-painted in all colours. In the cases where a colour is unavailable, unpainted should be ordered and then post-painted in the desired colour.

Last updated: 5/14/2020