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Cruise control

Cruise control
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Op. No.: 27502

With this cruise control you can drive extra relaxed and safely without your foot on the accelerator pedal. Easy to operate with buttons on the steering wheel.

An accessory that gives you and your passengers a comfortable and relaxing trip. The driver decides the speed of the car, then the cruise control does the rest. This means that:

  • the driver can easily adapt the speed to applicable speed limits,

  • the driver can maintain a uniform and comfortable speed

  • fuel consumption is reduced

Volvo cruise control features a twin safety system:

  • cruise control is disengaged if you touch the brake or clutch pedal

  • cruise control is disengaged if any of the buttons on the steering wheel is pressed in for longer than one minute

When replacing a 4-spoke steering wheel with a 3-spoke steering wheel: Make sure you choose the buttons that correspond to the functions you currently have.

Application, 1

Part. No.
+ Installation kit, 4 spoked steering wheel
Part. No.Description
30739122Ch 390090-, Charcoal
8698070Ch 335090-, Ch 390089, Charcoal
+ Installation kit, 3 spoked steering wheel
Part. No.Description
30739121Ch 390090-, Charcoal
8698065Ch 335090-, Ch 390089, Charcoal

Facts and advantages

  • Smoother driving results in lower fuel consumption

  • Precise speed control using an electronically controlled system

  • After a temporary acceleration the set speed is resumed

  • After braking the set speed is resumed if the switch is held in the RESUME position

  • Simple to control using a keypad on the steering wheel

  • Simple and quick installation

Week/Chassis limitation


Chassis number

V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 617802-

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch 617013-


Ch 254441-


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 459116-617801

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch 452415-617012


Ch 173150-254440


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch 350636-459115

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch 349395-452414


Ch 123067-173149


V70, V70 R, (FC1):

Ch -350635

V70, V70 R, (FC2):

Ch -349394


Ch -123066

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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