2006 L.H.D

Aluminum rims, general description

Aluminium wheel rims usually lower the unsprung weight of the suspension system compared to steel wheel rims of equivalent size.

This makes it easy for the suspension and shock absorbers to ensure that there is good contact between the wheels and the road surface. This makes for better road holding and greater driving pleasure.

- Wheel rim design

Wheel rim design should enhance the car's appearance and match its exterior. To create wheel rims that are suitable for most customers and respective car models, wheel rims are created in a range of styles. A wheel rim can be discreet, elegant, expressive or sporty/robust, as well as a mixture of two styles. However, it is not enough to have an attractive design for an aluminium wheel rim to be approved as a Volvo genuine wheel rim, but other characteristics are at least equally as important.

- The material is important

An aluminium wheel rim consists of several different metals in one mixture, which must result in the right properties.

- Strength conditions

To create such an attractive, sustainable and safe option as possible, these conditions are carefully balanced and well combined during development work.

- Heat dissipation properties

The wheel rim must be well ventilated and have good heat dissipation properties, suitable for the respective car model.

- Anti-corrosion protection

Volvo aluminum rims are painted with 3 layers with a clear coat surface layer. All rims also have pretreatment base to increase protection against corrosion.

- Centering on the hub

Volvo aluminium wheel rims are centred on the hub with extremely small tolerances. Which, in combination with small lateral run-out and roundness tolerances, creates a good wheel balance.

- Aerodynamics

An important part of creating wheel rims is to take wind resistance into account since it affects energy consumption. A wheel rim with lower wind resistance contributes to lower carbon dioxide emissions and is better for the environment.

Last updated: 5/15/2024