2009 L.H.D

Daytime running lights, LED

Daytime running lights, LED
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Ch 366604-628376, Excl. JP

Op. No.: 35624

By replacing the daytime running lights' halogen lamps for LED lamps, the car gets a modern appearance. The LED lamps emit a strong white light that makes the car easier to spot, which also increases road safety.

For cars with manual headlight levelling1

Part. No.

For cars with automatic headlight levelling or without headlight levelling2

Part. No.Description
+ Application3
Part. No.Description
31338948Excl. CA, US

Facts and advantages

  • The LED lamps consume less fuel than halogen lamps.

  • Attractive modern look.

Technical data

Accessory weight:


approx. 1 kg (2.2 lbs)




Cannot be combined with Fog lights.


On the American market Daytime running lights, LED cannot be installed on cars equipped with Active Bending Lights.

  1. Head Light Leveling (HLL)
  2. Automatic for cars with xenon headlights and without headlight levelling for cars with standard bulbs.
  3. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
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