2010 L.H.D

Steering wheel, wood, genuine walnut root/leather

Steering wheel, wood, genuine walnut root/leather
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Op. No.: 64126

A 4-spoke steering wheel in genuine walnut root "Walnut Brown". Exclusive smooth leather on the inside of the rim and on the spokes gives a tasteful combination of elegance and sportiness.

A silver decor streak runs along the joint between the wood and leather to further highlight the design and to coordinate the steering wheel with other silver elements in the car's interior. Anatomically designed, robust steering wheel rim for improved grip and driving comfort.

Part. No.Description
31201776Walnut Brown, Charcoal, G100, G107, G600, G000
31201777Walnut Brown, Soft Beige, G112, G116, G612, G012

Facts and advantages

  • Anatomically shaped, robust steering wheel rim

  • Genuine walnut root on the outside of the rim

  • Leather on the inside of the rim and on the spokes

  • Colour coordinated with the rest of the interior

  • Walnut brown: Genuine walnut in matt painted wood. Matches wood bud and decor panel kit Walnut Brown in an exclusive and elegant way.

  • Crash tested and fulfils legal requirement ECE R12/02

  • Can be installed in cars with or without RTI

  • The steering wheel is prepared for RTI with a blind cover plug

Technical data



Soft Beige

Accessory weight:

1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)


380 mm


VCC_01037, VCC_01035

Colour code table - Upholstery/Interior

Colour code


G100, G600, G000

Off black


Off black/Lemon green

G112, G612, G012

Soft beige


Soft beige/Espresso brown


If a 4-spoke steering wheel is replaced with another 4-spoke steering wheel, the airbag module and keypads must be transferred from the original steering wheel.

Last updated: 4/28/2022