Steering wheel, 3-spoke, supplementary information

S80, V70, XC70

When changing from a 4-spoke to a 3-spoke steering wheel, a number of components need to be replaced, see below.

+ Airbag
Part. No.Description
31332814-04, Charcoal, Excl. CA, US
+ Bracket
Part. No.Description
8626020-04, With cable harness for steering wheel buttons
+ Screw set
Part. No.
+ 2 pcs. steering wheel button screws
Part. No.
+ 2 pcs. steering wheel buttons1
Part. No.Description
8685478-04, Steering wheel button, cruise control, left
8685483-04, Steering wheel button Audio/Phone, right
8685484-04, Steering wheel button Audio, right
8685489-04, Steering wheel button cover, left
+ Vibration damper
Part. No.
  1. Make sure you select the buttons that correspond to your current functions, e.g. cruise control.
Last updated: 5/14/2020