2013 L.H.D

Exterior Styling Kit for V40 R-design

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Op. No.: 89163

A styling kit that really makes your car stand out from the crowd and that will allow you to personalise your car further.

Improves the car's already good aerodynamics and contributes to an even more sporty and personal design. All parts are manufactured of high quality plastic and painted according to the same stringent requirements as other parts of the car's exterior. The complete kit is also wind tunnel tested during development to ensure that high speed characteristics are further improved and that air resistance is optimised to the maximum.

"Exterior Styling Kit for V40 R-design" contains the following parts:

  • Deflector, side

  • Deflector, rear

  • Spoiler, roof

Part. No.Description
39831935-15, Black Sapphire, 452
39831936Titanium Grey, 455
39831940Electric Silver, 477
39831941-15, Caspian Blue, 498
39831938Ice White, 614
39831942Rebel Blue, 619
39835476Ocean Blue II, 706
39831943Bright Silver metallic, 711
39834297Power Blue, 713
39831945Osmium Grey, 714

Facts and advantages

  • Optimises air resistance and improves the already excellent aerodynamics further

  • Gives the car a more sporty design and a more personal design expression

Technical data


Colour coordinated

Accessory weight:

5.6 kg (12 lbs)

Last updated: 4/28/2022