2013 L.H.D

Roof spoiler

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Op. No.: 89132 89133

An aerodynamic and sporty roof spoiler, equipped with both "aero-fins" and black-painted "winglets" to create the optimum airflow and reduce turbulence behind the car and increase the car's downforce

Wind tunnel tested during the development phase to ensure that the car's high speed characteristics are further optimised and that air resistance is improved to the maximum.

The roof spoiler replaces the car's original roof spoiler. Its upper section is colour-coordinated with the car's exterior colour and the bottom is black. It also features an integrated brake light and the necessary washer nozzle.

An extra spoiler lip installed on top of the roof spoiler to optimise downforce for certain engine alternatives.

Read more about the exterior styling concept at Exterior Styling, general description.

Part. No.Description
39831879Ice White, 614Installation Instruction
31414648 Silver, 426Installation Instruction
39831882-15, Caspian Blue, 498Installation Instruction
39831885 -15, Vibrant Copper, 704Installation Instruction
39835462Ocean Blue II, 706Installation Instruction
39831880UnpaintedInstallation Instruction
Part. No.Description
39831881Electric Silver, 477Installation Instruction
39845793Amazone Blue, 621
39831886Biarritz Blue, 705Installation Instruction
39831887Crystal White pearl, 707Installation Instruction
39831888Raw Copper, 708Installation Instruction
39831889Misty Blue, 710Installation Instruction
39831890Bright Silver metallic, 711Installation Instruction
39834285Power Blue, 713Installation Instruction
39831944Osmium Grey, 714Installation Instruction
39845115Mussle Blue, 721
39793390Fusion Red, 725
+ Extra spoiler lip1
Part. No.Description
31330286T5 (B5204T9, B5254T12, B5254T14, B4204T15, B4204T11, B4204T41), Black StoneInstallation Instruction
31371230T5 (B5204T9, B5254T12, B5254T14, B4204T15, B4204T11, B4204T41), PrimedInstallation Instruction
31330286T4 (B5204T8, B4164T, B4204T19), Black StoneInstallation Instruction
31371230T4 (B5204T8, B4164T, B4204T19), PrimedInstallation Instruction
31330286T3 (B4164T3, B4204T37, B4154T4), Black StoneInstallation Instruction
31371230T3 (B4164T3, B4204T37, B4154T4), PrimedInstallation Instruction
31330286D4 (D5204T4, D4204T14), Black StoneInstallation Instruction
31371230D4 (D5204T4, D4204T14), PrimedInstallation Instruction
31330286D3 (D5204T6, D4204T9, B4204T19, D4204T9), Black StoneInstallation Instruction
31371230D3 (D5204T6, D4204T9, B4204T19, D4204T9), PrimedInstallation Instruction

Facts and advantages

  • Replaces the ordinary roof spoiler and gives the car an aerodynamic and sporty design.

  • Improves the car's already excellent driving characteristics and contributes to optimised air resistance, thanks to a more efficient airflow behind the car.

  • Has an integrated brake light, a colour-coordinated top and a black underside.

  • Should be combined with other Exterior Styling products, for maximum reduction of air resistance and maximum design value.

Technical data





Colour coordinated

Accessory weight

2.6 kg (5.7 lbs)


VCC_26041, VCC_26547

Extra spoiler lip




Black Stone (019)


  1. Wing, for optimised downforce. The extra spoiler lip is required due to the car's engine power.
Last updated: 4/28/2022