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Neck pillow

Neck pillow
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Volvo's head restraint provides comfortable support for the head thanks to its soft materials and high mouldability.

The neck cushion consists of a textile covered visco-elastic foam that moulds to the contours of your neck. For passengers who are resting or sleeping the neck cushion contributes to comfort as it helps keep the head steady.

Wool textile consisting of 80% wool, is a natural material that is soft and strong. Its excellent breathability means that the neck pillow keeps you warn and can feel cool depending on the climate.

The neck pillow is easily attached to the seat using an elastic band and fits all the seats in the car.

The back of the neck pillow has a zip that makes it easy to remove the cover for cleaning and airing.

Part. No.Description
31470559Charcoal solid, Wool fabric

Facts and advantages

  • Provides comfortable support for the neck.

  • Exclusive materials in wool fabric (80% wool).

  • Can be placed on any of the car's seats

  • Easy to put on and remove.

  • Clean according to the washing instructions.

  • Volvo marked.

Technical data


Wool fabric


Charcoal Solid


VCC12740, VCC11037

Last updated: 6/4/2024