Protective grille, steel

Protective grille, steel
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Op. No.: 88050

A practical protective grille that prevents loads or pets from being thrown forward into the passenger compartment in the event of heavy braking or a collision.

Safe and stable function and convenient to use. No mounting hooks in the rear seat backrest or in the roof.

Factory prepared mounting points inside the car mean simple installation. The grille is equipped with two gas filled struts with auto locking function when the grille is raised or lowered.

Part. No.Description
307217252008, Graphite
307217272008, Oak
307217262008, Beige
307217252008, Graphite, V70 R
307217272008, Oak, V70 R
307217262008, Beige, V70 R

Facts and advantages

  • Tubular steel construction colour coordinated with the interior of the car

  • Folds up to the roof

  • Crash-tested and meets both Volvo's strength requirements, approx. 325 kg (716.5 lbs), according to DIN 2-norm

Technical data


Steel tubing


Graphite, Oak or Beige

Accessory weight:

4.0 kg (8.8 lbs)


For safety reasons do not install the protective grille together with the auxiliary seat.


Smaller pets may pass through the protective grille and into the passenger compartment.

Last updated: 1/23/2021