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Remote start, engine

Remote start, engine

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Op. No.: 36038

On cold winter days or hot summer days you can enjoy a comfortable temperature immediately at the start of your trip.

With Remote start, engine, you can remotely start your car engine using the car key. When starting the engine the passenger compartment is warmed up or cooled down to a comfortable temperature. Maximum driving time is 15 minutes. Thereafter, the engine can be remote started again.


Part. No.Description
3065969713-, AUT, 5-cyl., Gasoline, 2.0, B5204T9Installation Instruction
3065969713-14, AUT, 5-cyl., Gasoline, 2.0, B5204T8Installation Instruction
3065969713-14, AUT, 5-cyl., Gasoline, 2.5, B5254T12Installation Instruction
3065969712-15, AUT, 6-cyl., Gasoline, B6304T4, B6324S4, B6324S5Installation Instruction
+ Alarm, for cars without Alarm.
+ Owner's manual2
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • The engine can be remotely started with the car key.

  • The passenger compartment is preconditioned upon departure.

  • Upon activation, the same temperature settings are applied as when the car was parked.

Technical data


PCC key (6 buttons on the key)

Up to 100 m if unimpeded

Standard key (5 buttons on the key)

Up to 20 m if unimpeded


For model year 2012, cars with "Personal Car Communicator" (key with six buttons) do not have a light indication that shows that the engine heater has started - no lamp illuminates on the remote control. If light indication is required then the key must be replaced with one for model year 2013 or later. No other functions of "Remote start, engine" are affected.


"Remote start, engine" cannot be combined with "Remote start, fuel-driven heater".

  1. Ordered according to separate procedures and downloaded using VIDA.
  2. From model year 2013 and onwards, the Owner's manual is included in the car's user manual.
Last updated: 3/7/2024