2010 L.H.D

Exhaust system with unique rear skid plate

Exhaust system with unique rear skid plate
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Op. No.: 86328

A unique exhaust system with double end pipes that further enhance the sporty character of the car. The double end pipes with chrome finish are installed on each side. A unique rear skidplate is supplied with the kit. Fitted as standard on R-design models.

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Part. No.Description
307581104-cylInstallation Instruction
307581106-cyl, FWD, excl. turboInstallation Instruction
307581115-cyl, FWDInstallation Instruction
307581125-cyl, AWDInstallation Instruction
307581146-cyl, AWD, excl. turboInstallation Instruction
307581156-cyl, Turbo
+ Skid plate incl. lower bumper
Part. No.
31414775Installation Instruction
+ Installation kit, for cars with parking assistance
Part. No.
+ Hole tool
Part. No.
+ Adhesive
Part. No.

Facts and advantages

  • Replaces the car's standard exhaust system.

  • A unique skid plate is included in the kit.

  • Gives your car a sporty, powerful and elegant appearance.

Technical data

Exhaust system incl. end pipes

Accessory weight:


17.2 kg (38 lbs)

6-cyl, FWD, excl. turbo

17.2 kg (38 lbs)

5-cyl, FWD

12.6 kg (28 lbs)

5-cyl, AWD

12.6 kg (28 lbs)

6-cyl, AWD, excl. turbo

17.3 kg (38 lbs)

6-cyl Turbo

17.9 kg (39 lbs)

Skid plate


Plastic (PP)


Matt silver metallic

Accessory weight:

0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)




The lower bumper is supplied in unpainted grained. We recommend not to try to paint the bumper.

Last updated: 4/28/2022