2022 L.H.D

Driver's Support

Digital interior rear view mirror (Excl. CA, MX, US)

With a digital interior rear view mirror you have a rear view mirror that shows a wider view of what takes place behind your car. The digital interior rear view mirror has a camera linked to it that is fitted at the rear of your car that then displays the image in the rear view mirror. If the camera is not needed in all situations then the mirror can also be used as a traditional rear view mirror with a standard reflected view. It is possible to switch smoothly between the two settings, camera function and mirror function.

Polishing cloth

The microfibre polishing cloth can be used to gently clean the digital displays in your car. Since this Volvo designed cloth is made of polyester, it is ideal for sensitive surfaces.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Tablet holder

Volvo's tablet holder allows you to ergonomically use your iPadĀ® or SamsungĀ® Tablet in the rear seat. Take your tablet with you in the car and enjoy its functions and apps while you travel. The holder can be set to both portrait and landscape views. Angle the holder to the desired position, listen to music, watch a video, read email or surf the web. Volvo's tablet holder makes all of this possible.